Willing to take a chance and use some time working with us?

Perhaps you have been unemployed for a while, maybe you haven’t been through higher education, and are between 40 and 60.

You might not be very pleased with your current situation, or with your immediate future opportunities.

Perhaps you have been through different forms of guidance or courses on how to get a job, or how to get some more education.

Perhaps all this didn’t work out so well for you, and therefore you still find yourself in a difficult position, and find it hard to get out of this situation.

And maybe, because of all this, you are willing to take some chances – to try something completely different. Perhaps…

In our project, the European Commission is supporting a small group of institutions from six different countries to work together to find ways out of such situations. Ways that are new, untraditional and different from what you have been trying out so far.

We are participating in one of these new ways, and we would like to use this funding to make it possible for some of our coaches to work with you and your peers for shorter or longer periods within the next 2 years. And therefore we would like to ask you if you are willing to join us and try to find some new ways out of long-term unemployment or forced life change.

If you are willing to do that, we will do our best to help you change your situation. And by doing that you will also help others find new ways out of their unacceptable situations…

  • We are not going to have long meetings in classrooms or be telling you what to do.
  • We believe that trying to break out of these difficult situations is not about reading books or receiving one course after the other.
  • We believe that we need to team up and start working directly with the reality, with the community, with the obstacles and opportunities in the area and country you live in.
  • We believe that taking action in real life is the only way to break out of such limiting situations, and we would like you to join such a team, take some chances with us and give it another try.

We also believe that working with the community, with the problems in the community, with change in the community, that working in this way can maybe lead to new situations and to new income and work opportunities.

But to do all this, we all need to change the way we think about many things, to change our mentality. If you want to try to do that, why don’t you team up with us ? Not a lot to lose, right? So why not take the first step and contact us to talk it through– then perhaps you feel you can decide to join us for some months ahead.

Keith Chandler             07890 021975